We work tirelessly to improve your travel experience. In this section, you will find out what we are doing to make your journey as safe, secure, efficient, and environmentally-friendly as possible. We also answer to the most frequently asked questions we receive about different topics and give you some practical tips to make your trip as seamless and enjoyable as possible.

Top Questions

The is not advising any restrictions on travel or trade, even though many countries have made decisions to introduce them. However, the situation continues to change rapidly, and there are many practical considerations relating to insurance, or isolation requirements, which could impact travel.

Please check our Coronavirus & Health page for more information.

We assess that the risk is lower. Compared with those locations, a modern aircraft has its cabin air changed many times more frequently than offices or shops.  The air supplied to the aircraft cabin is either fresh or is filtered through HEPA filters of the same efficacy (99.97% or better) in removing viruses as those used in surgical operating rooms.  As in a shopping center or an office, the biggest risk is if someone remains in the environment while unwell with a viral infection. Hence maintain good personal hygiene is key!

Please check our Coronavirus & Health page for more information. 

The range of are effective even for passengers on a flight: careful hand-washing on a regular basis, or at least hand sanitize, avoiding touching other people, covering coughs and sneezes (and then hand-washing), avoiding travelling if becoming unwell, and avoiding contact with anyone who appears to be unwell. 

In addition to this, please remember that wearing a mask when traveling by air is mandatory.

Please check our Coronavirus & Health page for more information. 

​While we serve the airline industry,we are not a regulatory body, and cannot intervene in service conflicts or other commercial matters involving airlines or agents and their customers. For any issue, we recommend you to contact the customer service department of the respective airline or agent directly.

The is the most accurate information source available for personalized passport, visa and health requirement advice depending on your nationality and destination. Our immigration specialists constantly update this information. But rules and regulations change on a daily basis.

Possessing the correct documentation does not guarantee entry to a foreign country. Local immigration authorities have complete control whether an individual is granted entry and under what conditions and airlines may also apply specific guidelines. Re-check requirements close to your departure.


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