As an airline or an into-plane service provider (ITP), here are the first steps you can take as you consider adopting the IATA Fuel Training Portal (IFTP) solution for your training operations.

Review the outline of the e-learning modules

Access the standard fueling procedures per aircraft type

This section is intended to enable you, as an airline or an ITP, to have access to the standardized fueling procedures referred to in the training modules as you will need to align your own documented fueling procedures and relevant on-the-job training activities with the industry standard procedures.

For this purpose only, IATA authorizes airlines and ITP users to download and reproduce the information contained in the standard procedures published below, in accordance with the IATA Terms of Use

Standard Procedures PUBLISHED VERSION
Service Levels and Safety  1.00
Embraer 170/175 and 190/195 1.01 (Revised on 21 February 2020)
Bombardier CRJ  1.00

: The standard fueling procedures are derived from the manufacturer approved Aircraft Maintenance Manual (AMM) issued for each aircraft type and are intended to guide routine aircraft refueling operations conducted by ITP personnel.  These standardized procedures have been validated by the Standard Fueling Procedures Review (SFPR) Panel, composed of airline and fueling company subject matter experts.  These procedures will be revised whenever significant changes need to be introduced and/or to include additional aircraft types. To facilitate timely update of the standard procedures, airlines using the IFTP solution are required to notify IATA of any AMM amendments issued for the aircraft types they operate.  The approved AMM for each aircraft type remains the definitive source of the manufacturer approved procedure to refuel each aircraft type. 

Consult the platform fees and terms of use


As an airline, you will need to pay a yearly subscription to the platform and accept the terms and conditions to have access to the central training record information.

AOC*: Air Operator Certificate


As an ITP, you will need to pay a one-time setup charge and accept the subscription agreement and terms of use to have access to the platform.  On a quarterly basis, you will be charged a usage fee for each of your employees having access to the platform. IATA shall calculate this fee based on the records of users who are associated with your ITP in the platform, as per the rates published below.

IFTP standardized protocols

Please consult the key protocols which must be adhered to when administering training using the Portal and which may be revised from time to time by IATA in consultation with users.

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