The IATA Treasury Dashboard is a new, dynamic information tool that assists and supports airline treasuries with their liquidity planning and cashflow forecasting activities.

It accomplishes this objective by allowing each airline Treasury team to gain a full visibility of their incoming cash flows being processed by each of IATA’s main settlement systems: Billing & Settlement Plan (BSP), Cargo Account Settlement Systems (CASS), IATA Currency Clearance Service (ICCS) and IATA Clearing House (ICH). This complete visibility helps optimize the cash management and support better forecasting.

Airline treasuries interact with IATA at the treasury level in a secure and controlled environment.

Features & Figures

  1. One source, one global view
  2. View the 4 main IATA settlement systems: BSP, CASS, ICCS and ICH
  3. View Incoming funds from over 160 countries and +100 currencies
  4. View incoming funds by beneficiary bank account
  5. Over 60 days advance visibility on incoming funds
  6. View and search all of IATA’ s annual Settlement Calendars
  7. Analyze your incoming funds by value day of receipt
  8. Keep track of incoming funds by settlement status
  9. View your IATA Participation details
  10. Access downloadable reports

View Treasury Dashboard product sheet (pdf)

Value Proposition

The new IATA Treasury Dashboard will improve an airline’s liquidity management process leading to better cash flow planning and thus lowering operational risk and reducing the cost of funding.

Who can benefit from IATA Treasury Dashboard?

Any airline participating in any of the IATA settlement systemscan benefit from the IATA Treasury Dashboard. Secure access to this new industry dashboard today!

Dashboard Notes