IATA's Simplified Invoicing and Settlement (SIS) is the highly cost-effective electronic invoicing platform developed by IATA to remove all paper from the invoicing and settlement of industry services. SIS is streamlining processes by enabling the exchange of electronic data among airlines and between airlines and direct operating cost suppliers. The use of a single standard, the IS-XML, simplifies business activity for the industry and allows suppliers to use one invoicing standard for all their airline customers. 

Features & Figures

  • One e-invoicing standard
  • Choice of file (IS-IDEC/IS-XML) or web submission
  • Invoices sent automatically for settlement in ICH/ACH
  • Billing/Billed data automatically available for reconciliation
  • Simplified dispute process
  • Digital Signature and legal compliance services
  • Availability of audit trail for record-keeping
  • Payment Status updates

​Who can benefit from SIS?

Any airline or entities that engage in business with airlines can benefit from joining SIS. Using the service allows members to bill and settle with thousands of companies in the air transport industry. SIS automation and cost control can save companies up to 2% on operating expenses. E-invoicing enables suppliers to reach out to airline customers through a single platform.

In 2018, SIS had more than 2,483 participants, including 426 airlines, 313 suppliers, and 1,744 others enabled as receivers of SIS e-invoices to maximize efficiency on the invoice sender side. SIS processed over 1.6 million interline and supplier invoices during the year and settled $74.82 billion in volume.

​Which SIS membership is suitable for your company?



SIS For Airlines & InterModal

SIS For Suppliers & Air Operators

SIS For Invoice Receivers

Billing Categories (submission classes) PAX / CGO /  UATP / MISC MISC MISC
Sending e-invoices Y Y N
Receiving e-invoices Y Y Y
User Access Unlimited Unlimited One (1) User
ERP Integration Y ​Y N
Data Validation ​​Y Y Y
Automated Posting & Reconciliation Y Y N
Online Functions & Dashboard ​Y ​Y ​N
Audit Trail ​Y ​Y ​N
Fees ​Y ​Y ​N
Payment Status ​Y ​Y ​Y
Join SIS for Airlines & Intermodal Join SIS for Suppliers & Air Operators ​Join SIS For Invoice Receivers