The Global Payment Enabler

IFG provides a consolidated and cost efficient solution for airlines and travel suppliers to optimize their different sales payment processes, irrespective of their distribution networks, business models or payment methods.

What IFG does

IFG reduces the complexity of connecting to different payment systems and simplifies the payment process through a single global connection.

High running costs and the complexity of different payment systems make it difficult for airlines and travel suppliers to maintain and deploy new forms of payments across their diverse distribution channels and networks.

Adoption of IFG as a single global platform solution helps address these challenges by streamlining payment processes and facilitating acceptance and control of different forms of payments including reporting to the BSP and ARC for agency sales settlement.


As a global payment enabler that facilitates the connection of payment service providers with airlines and travel suppliers, IFG creates benefits for the entire value chain and delivers better service for the travelers. The benefits of IFG reach all key players in the payment process.

Global Reach

  • Extends market reach, enhances sales opportunities and improves user experience
  • Provides a global coverage of diverse payment methods and access to several payment related services


  • Reduces complexity and increases operational efficiency by simplifying the process through a single global connection
  • Gives access to all payment processors including the BSP leads, for an easy deployment of new payment methods

Cost efficiency

  • Improves operational savings and management of SLAs and risks
  • Reduces agency settlement costs by deploying the BSP settlement in all non-GDS distribution channels


  • Improves system security by providing high reliability systems with PCI-DSS Certification and data privacy

In Control

  • Helps travel suppliers take control of when each payment is made and the form of payment accepted
  • Provides control and flexibility to manage payment acceptance

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