Transporting healthcare and life science products such as vaccines or medication quickly and safely is more important now than ever. Not only are the products themselves time and temperature sensitive, but the people they are meant to help must be assured of the effectiveness and all time availability.

The TCR contains all the information and requirements you need to ship compliant temperature-sensitive products. Accessing up-to-date carrier and government regulations, packaging requirements and documentation before you ship, reduces losses and improves patient health.

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What's inside the TCR?

  • Applicability (shipper and carrier responsibilities, special handling conditions and transport conditions, compliance)
  • Government regulations (compliance requirements, variations by country)
  • Carrier regulations (general information, requirements and carrier variations)
  • Pharmaceutical facts and product types (temperature levels, market trends, product categories, biomedical research)
  • Packaging (general information, types and categories of packaging)
  • Documentation and labelling (specific documents, handling codes, labelling, marketing, WHO vaccine references)
  • Acceptance and control (processes, hazard analysis, cold chain management, handling information)
  • Traceability and tracking (general, RFID)
  • Air transport logistics (service levels, temperature ranges, packaging technology, risk factors, critical control points, temperature mapping, healthcare labelling, quality management, environmental considerations)

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In the 2021 edition, the most notable change is:

  • The IATA Acceptance Checklist for Time and Temperature Sensitive Healthcare Shipments was modified to avoid any misinterpretation related to shipments delivered on temperature-controlled trucks

Addendums to the 9th TCR

TCR Training

You can learn more about temperature control transport regulations and best practice in three ways.