In the airline industry, health-related issues concerning passengers and crew are crucial in most activities: aircraft operations, passenger transport, cargo, etc. They cover matters as diverse as duty time limitation, transmission of communicable diseases, and disinfection. On  this page you will find guidelines developed by IATA's Medical Advisory Group addressing medical issues in all areas of aviation.

Medical guidance on Coronavirus (COVID-19) 

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Guidelines on Health & Safety Issues

IATA's Medical Advisory Group brings together airline medical experts from around the globe. Their role is to contributes to an efficient approach to handling medical issues in the airline industry by providing advice on a wide range of medical issues. The guidelines developed by the Medical Advisory Group are available below.

IATA Medical Manual

  • IATA medical manual - a complete guide covering airline administration and operations from a medical point of view.

Passenger Medical Issues

Infectious Disease Issues

Food and Water on Board

Environment Issues

Crew Medical Issues

Medical Emergencies Onboard