IATA's Safety Audit for Ground Operations (ISAGO) has been built upon a "backbone" of audit standards applicable to all ground handling companies worldwide, coupled with a uniform set of standards relevant for the specific activities of any ground handler.

As a result, the ISAGO audit can be applied consistently to multinational ground handlers, as well as to smaller companies providing services at a single station.

If you are an airline, regulator or airport and interested in what ISAGO can do for you, please see our latest brouchure

Special COVID-19 measures


The ISAGO's support program aims to ensure continuation of Ground Services Provider ISAGO Registrations and Station Accreditations when renewal audits cannot be conducted onsite because of COVID-19.

The latest measures are outlined in Temporary Revision 2 to the ISAGO Program Manual (GOPM).

Health provisions are also included in all ISAGO audits from 1 April 2021 with the 10th Edition of the .

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2021 Bulletins

Bulletin 2021-10 ISAGO COVID-19 support Program 2021 (pdf)
Bulletin 2021-02 ISAGO GOSM Ed 10 (pdf)
Bulletin 2021-01 ISAGO Open Forum Webinars for GSP (pdf)

2020 Bulletins
Bulletin 2020-16 ISAGO Program Manual (GOPM) Edition 3 (pdf)
Bulletin 2020-15 ISAGO Registration of an IOSA Registered Airline (pdf)
Bulletin 2020-13 Post Audit Survey (pdf)
Bulletin 2020-06 Auditing Effectiveness in ISAGO (pdf)



    • The audits assess the management and oversight systems in place at the Ground Service Provider's corporate Headquarters and the implementation of ground operations processes and procedures at selected stations. AllISAGO audits are performed by IATA selected, trained and qualified auditors, inducted into the IATA Charter of Professional Auditors (CoPA).
    • Audit results analysis confirmed that ISAGO audits improved audit report quality, increased focus on management systems, and drove alignment of ground operations processes between a GSP's headquarters and their network. These facts are demonstrated by a significant increase in the number of findings raised in the past three years, totalling nearly 11,000 and increasing the average from 3 to 20 per audit compared to previous years.
    • An ISAGO Audit is based on the standards and recommended practices published in the ISAGO Standards Manual (GOSM). The GOSM is available free of charge to a Ground Service Provider that signs an ISAGO Audit Agreement or an Airline that signs an ISAGO Airline Membership Agreement. It is also available and in other formats to purchase from .
    • All ISAGO status information and access to ISAGO Audit Reports is done through the ISAGO Registry, accessible tor ISAGO-registered Ground Service Providers and airlines that have signed the ISAGO agreement.
      - If you are an airline interested in accessing the ISAGO-registered Ground Service Providers per airports and all ISAGO Audit Reports, please contact us at isago@2joygame.com.
      - See more information about the registry features in the Registry guide (pdf).

Interested in gaining ISAGO registration? 

If you are a Ground Service Provider, please submit an application for an initial Headquarters Audit and initial Station Audit for Station Accreditation. If you are already an ISAGO-registered Ground Service Provider, you do not need to apply for a renewal audit. You will be automatically included in the annual audit allocation. 


The ISAGO new operational audit model has been developed in consultation with stakeholders. The program continues to be managed and administered by IATA but the revitalized ISAGO includes the following new features:
  • Greater oversight and due diligence of the auditor recruitment and training process - this is achieved by establishment of the IATA 'Charter of Professional Auditors' (CoPA) and its members (Auditors and Lead Auditors) who are responsible for the audit conduct
  • Audit Allocation to ISAGO Agent(s) (GOA) that are contracted to administer the audits on IATA’s behalf. GOA(s) are formal entities responsible for all audit arrangements including the establishment of the audit team (selected from the CoPA), liaising with the provider, the audit itself, and ensuring the delivery of the annual audit plan as per program’s requirements
  • Development and maintenance of a scheme of charges to cover all costs associated with ISAGO - audit costs would be based on daily rates/man-days as determined by the type and scope of the audit. Funding will come from provider & airlines and will, in part, be redistributed by IATA to Auditors and GOA(s) to cover their costs.
  • Independent oversight of auditor and GOA performance
  • The ability to expand the scope of the ISAGO audits to cover additional ground handling operations and safety related activities


  • Improved safety and cut in costs by reducing ground accidents, injuries and delays
  • An accepted alternative to the multiple audits providers are subject to today
  • Highest quality audits conducted in a standardized and consistent manner, using internationally recognized auditing principles
  • Equivalence in scope of audits conducted by airlines
  • Standardization in ground operations
  • Global recognition and acceptance

The ISAGO Charter of Professional Auditors (CoPA) is a membership scheme for industry professionals who have demonstrated competence in auditing and have ground operations knowledge and experience.

Anyone interested in performing ISAGO audits can apply to be a member of CoPA. ISAGO auditors are the key element for the success of the ISAGO program; therefore, we choose the best. Auditors not only have the technical knowledge but also know how to deal with cultural differences, are able to assess against the standards, and understand that there are various ways to conform to a particular requirement. CoPA membership is renewed annually subject to maintaining qualification through re-current training, auditing experience and performance assessment.

See the list of current CoPA-qualified auditors

CoPA qualification process

  • Step 1 – (Online) Application & Initial Assessment
    Minimum education, operational and auditing experience
    Pre-screening and IATA interview
  • Step 2 – Discipline Specific Training
    Online computer-based training modules (Not available - Being updated)

- Organization and Management (ORM)

- Aircraft Ground Movement (AGM)

- Aircraft Handling and Loading (HDL)

- Cargo and Mail Handling (CGM)

- Load Control (LOD)

- Passenger and Baggage Handling (PAB)

  • Step 3 – ISAGO Auditor Training (Not available - Being updated)
  • Step 4 – Evaluation Audit
    On-site evaluation
    IATA assessment

Interested in applying for CoPa?




Use the form below to submit an application for an ISAGO audit for either:

  • An initial headquarters and station audit(s) of your organization for ISAGO Registration and station accreditation(s); or
  • An initial station audit for a new station accreditation to your existing ISAGO Registration

You do not need to use this form for a routine renewal headquarters or station audit. These audits will be included automatically in the audit schedule for the appropriate year unless you advise IATA that you no longer wish to continue the registration or the accreditation of a station, in which case you should notify IATA by email at isago@2joygame.com.

Upon submission of an audit application IATA will send you an audit agreement and a GSP Organization Exposition for you to complete. Further details are outlined in the ISAGO Program Manual (GOPM).

Audit Application Form

Access the Audit Application Form.

ISAGO Documents

An ISAGO Audit is based on the standards and recommended practices published in the ISAGO Standards Manual (GOSM). The GOSM is available as a Windows download free of charge to a Ground Service Provider that signs an ISAGO Audit Agreement or an Airline that signs an ISAGO Airline Membership Agreement. It is also available and in other formats to purchase from .