IATA supports the ICAO Council’s Aviation Recovery Task Force () aimed at providing practical guidance to governments and industry operators to restart the international air transport sector and recover from COVID-19 in a coordinated way. Incorporating CART recommendations, IATA has put together additional guidance for airlines in the areas of Airport, Aircraft, Crew, and Cargo.



CART’s work on its and the accompanying ", has kept the health, safety, and security of the traveling public of paramount concern. IATA’s Biosafety for Air Transport: A Roadmap for Restarting Aviation was the basis for IATA’s contribution to Takeoff Guidance. 

The ICAO Council Aviation Recovery Task Force (CART) published its , which supplements the  recommended multi-layer risk management strategy with considerations on testing protocols and proof-of-results certification interoperability, as well as evidence of vaccination for crew and passengers,and refers to  which has also been revised.

IATA guidance complementing ICAO's CART 


IATA fully supports the, an authoritative and comprehensive framework of risk-based temporary measures for air transport operations during the COVID-19 crisis. Below is additional guidance for airlines, incorporating these recommendations in the areas of Airport, Aircraft, Crew, and Cargo;

areas iata guidance


Ground handling return to service (pdf)

Guidance for ground handling during COVID-19 (pdf)

Ground Handling -  information about conducting ground operations in time of COVID-19


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Aircraft cleaning & disinfection during & post-pandemic (pdf)

Guidance for cabin operations during & post-pandemic (pdf) also available in Spanish (pdf)

Guidance for Flight Operations during and Post Pandemic (pdf)


IATA Health Safety Standards Checklist for Airline Operators - please fill in the form to access the document

Guidance for crew health precautions during pandemic (pdf)

IATA Guidance for Managing Pilot Training & Licensing during COVID (pdf)

Guidance on Accessible Air Travel in Response to COVID-19, Ed.1 (pdf)

IATA & IFALPA Joint Safety Statement – Managing Crew Fatigue During Recovery from Pandemic (pdf)

Guidance for Managing Crew Fatigue During a Crisis, Ed.1 (pdf)

Guidance for Post-COVID Restart of Operations: CBTA Training Solutions  (pdf)


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Carriage of cargo in the passenger cabin (pdf)

Guidance for Operators of Dangerous Goods during COVID-19 (pdf)

Air Cargo comprehensive FAQ on cargo operations

Current status of air cargo operations by carrier -