The ability to transport cargo, cross border, over long distances in relatively short timeframes provides the industry with a clear distinctive market advantage compared with other modes. However, this advantage can only be truly realized if border procedures are integrated, automated and based on risk management principles.

Air Cargo Border Efficiency

The below map of the world shows the average days for the clearance of air cargo in international borders, from the arrival of the cargo by air at destination until handover to the consignee.

Global Footprint

Cargo border management (CBM) strives to work with International Organizations (ICAO, UN, WCO, WTO, among others), national regulators and industry stakeholders to define global procedures, regulations, and standards that recognize the need to safeguard passengers, crew and cargo against acts of unlawful interference, balanced with the need to facilitate legitimate trade. Below you will find the CBM global footprint to get an overview of our activities by region.

Our field of expertise

Our mission

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