17th Maintenance Cost Conference (MCC)

Montreal, Canada
22 - 23 September
IATA Headquarters

The Maintenance Cost Conference (MCC) is the key opportunity for airlines and major industry stakeholders to meet, discuss strategic maintenance cost benefit initiatives, innovative solutions and proficient methodologies for optimizing maintenance costs.

In its 17th year, this highly interactive event combines a 2-day industry meeting* and a 2-day conference that features presentations and discussions left of from MCC 2020

More information will be available soon. Stay tuned!

Who should attend?


This conference is intended for:
  • Airlines (Manager, Director, VP and higher; Maintenance, Engineering, Technical Operations, CAMO)
  • Leasing Companies (Manager, Director, VP and higher)
  • MRO Service Providers & OEMS (Customer Service, Business Development, Marketing)
  • Managers and directors who focus on​: business development, contracts, customer service, engineering, inventory, IT/software, logistics, maintenance program, maintenance planning, materials, purchasing, supply chain, logistics, airworthiness. 

Registration will open soon.





The MCC 2021 is a great opportunity to promote your products and services to an audience of industry experts.

For more information on the sponsorship opportunities, please email us at mctg@2joygame.com.

MCC 2020

COVID-19 is arguably the worst crisis the airline industry has ever faced. The global pandemic has challenged the industry in every possible way. As the situation develops dynamically, the airlines are adapting quickly to the new parameters.

The 2020 edition of IATA Maintenance Cost Conference (MCC) took place as a series of weekly webinars from September 9 to 30, 2020.

Episode Summaries

September 9, 2020 – 7:30-9:30am EDT

Episode 1: Economic context and forecast; implications of aircraft parking/storage strategies

Summary: Our Chief Economist started this session with an update on the current economic situation and forecast. The following topices were addressed:

  • Storage and preservation, what do we do with the aircraft?
  • Pro & cons of each strategy
  • Cost and maintenance implications
  • What needs to be considered?
  • 6 months in, would you do anything different?


  • Brian Pearce (Chief Economist, IATA)
  •  Thanos Pascalis (CEO, Ellinair)
  •  Hannes Pferdekamper (Head of Technical Strategy & Reporting Eurowings)
  •  Keith Fernandes (Manager, Fleet Engineering. Virgin Australia)
  • Swaran Sidhu (Head of Fleet Technical Management, easyJet)

September 16, 2020 – 7:30-9:30am EDT

Episode 2: Adapting to exceptional circumstances (transport of cargo in the passenger cabin; aircraft cleaning & disinfecting)

In parallel to an unprecedented fleet grounding, the airlines are facing many other challenges to adapt to new circumstances. Our speakers discussed the following topics:

  • Regulatory matters for cargo configuration
  • Technical requirements for transport of cargo in the passenger cabin
  • Aircraft cleaning & disinfecting procedures and techniques
  • Fuel testing

Moderator: Rami Awadalla (Director of Fleet Engineering, Postholder CAMO, Etihad)


  • Dragos Budeanu (Manager Paperless Operations, IATA)
  • Dan Freeman (Director - Payloads & Customer Engineering, Boeing)
  •  Matthias Lerovante (Head of Freighter Projects A330 Program Directorate, Airbus)
  •  Vincent Bouscary (Head of Weight & Balance Operations Support and Training, Airbus)
  • Mark Vaughan (Head of Jet Fuel Management, South African Airways)
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September 23, 2020 – 7:30-9:30am EDT

Episode 3: How COVID-19 is reshaping the aircraft leasing and MRO businesses

It will take years for the aviation industry to recover from the COVID crisis and the related travel restrictions and get back 2019 levels. As a consequence, demand for MRO and leasing services will also be impacted.Our speakers will discussed the following topics:

  • Global fleet outlook (retirements, deliveries, demand for leased aircraft and engines, etc.)
  • MRO market
  • Aircraft and engine leasing markets

Moderator: Chris Markou (Head of Operational Cost Management - IATA)


  • Adam Pilarski (Senior VP – Avitas)
  • Richard Hough (Chief Technical Officer – ELFC)
  • Tiymor Kalimat (Manager, Aircraft Contracts – Jazz Aviation)
  • Mark Lynch (SVP Engineering and Material Solutions – GECAS)  
  • Martin Harrison (Global Managing Director – ICF)
  • Sonny Stern (VP Sales MR
  • O Services – Delta TechOps)

September 30, 2020 – 7:30-9:30am EDT

Episode 4: The role of used serviceable material (USM) in the industry restart. In the coming months and years, the global fleet will considerably change. Some airlines have already announced the retirement of part of their fleet, more retirements are expected. The demand for Used Serviceable Material (USM) will be impacted significantly. Tools are available to help airlines and MROs to effectively handle their material management and procurement.Our speakers discussed:

  • The evolution of the USM market
  • An optimization tool for consumable expendables
  • MRO SmartHub, an innovative web-based business intelligence platform for surplus part inventories
    Life-limited part (LLP) traceability
  • Jonas Murby (Principal - AeroDynamic Advisory)
  • Abdol Moabery (President & CEO – GA Telesis)
  • Tommy Hughes (President & CEO – VAS Aero Services)
  • Jens Bjarnason (SVP Corporate Affairs – Icelandair)
  • Garath Harries (Project Manager & Business Development for MRO SmartHub – IATA)
  • Chris Markou (Head of Operational Cost Management - IATA)
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