Global Airport, Passenger & Accessibility Symposium

Prague, Czech Republic
15 - 18 November
Prague Congress Centre

The Global Airport, Passenger & Accessibility Symposium (GAPAS) will take place 15-18 November 2021 in Prague, Czech Republic. As a bonus, GAPAS will be joining forces with another major IATA event, the IATA Ground Handling Conference. This will provide a unique opportunity to broaden your horizons and expand your network even further! Stay tuned, registration opening soon.

Recover. Reconnect. Rebuild.

All you need to know about traveling by air in COVID times.

The Global Airport, Passenger & Accessibility Symposium (GAPAS) examines the processes that touch the passenger journey, on the ground and in the air, and impact related airport processes and operations. Delegates will collectively shape future solutions through panel discussions, innovation sessions, and partake in the development of the future passenger journey storyline.

Glimpse into the last Edition

Read the news from the Global Airport and Passenger Symposium 2019 found in and discover the organizations that joined us in Warsaw (pdf)



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Target Audience

This Symposium will bring together airline and airport executives and managers who cover:                                                                                                                               

  • Operations managers covering baggage, terminal and ramp
  • Security screening
  • Airport engineers and architects
  • Government and authority representatives
  • Technology and solution providers.
  • Future of accessibility and innovation



“A good and clear view of where the industry is going, a must for the experts.”                                                                               Choonho Cho, Korean Air

"I found GAPS to be a great opportunity to have a holistic view of industry challenges and trends and tackle these through many good interactive discussions coupled with case studies analysis.”                                                                                                   Walid K. Aryan, Etihad Airways

“With collaboration being the key for the business, this event is surely an excellent first step for that.”                                                       Susana Santos, ANA Airports de Portugal

 "An excellent gathering with fascinating contributions. A perfect launch pad to network and exchange industry ideas. A must attend Event for the passionate aviators."                                   Prof. Dr. Eyden Samunderu, ISM Dortmund

"A great conference, bringing together all parties enabling the traveler journey from airport to the plane, with a view at exploring how to collaborate to improve customer experience and operations efficiency."                                                                         C. Baillet, Amadeus


​​​​​​​​​​​​​Specifically designed panels will explore existing technology solutions alongside processes that could define and impact on-ground concepts, and that can optimize the use of emerging technologies, processes and design developments. Interactive discussions will revolve around valued-added solutions, coupled with case studies analyzing industry implementation and impact. ​​​​​​​​​​​​

View the IGHC/GAPAS Roadmap 2021 (pdf).

View the IGHC/GAPAS Agenda 2021 (pdf).


GAPAS is an excellent opportunity to showcase your products and solutions to the aviation community. Find out what kind of privileges we can offer to our sponsors and exhibitors!

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Sponsorship/Exhibition Contact


Sandro Francini
Director Business Development
Email: francinis@2joygame.com 

Tel.:      + 1 561 325 8200
Mobile: + 1 561 289 4796

The Conference will take place at the Prague Congress Centre.

Prague, capital city of the Czech Republic, is known for its Old Town Square, the heart of its historic core, with colorful baroque buildings, Gothic churches and the medieval Astronomical Clock, which gives an animated hourly show. The City of a Hundred Spires on the Vltava River ranks among the most beautiful cities in Europe.

Prague's location in the heart of Europe makes the city easily accessible to travelers from almost every country. Prague has always been a crossroad of the most important trading routes, as well as a cultural and political center of Europe. One of its major landmarks, Charles Bridge, symbolizes the historical connection between the East & West that made Prague a place where elements of Slavic, German, Italian, and Jewish cultures merged to create a picturesque city with a unique, magical atmosphere. Prague also became an important university center which gave the world a number of personalities without whose discoveries and inventions we could hardly imagine our lives today - contact lenses, screw-propeller or nanofibers.

One of the safest destinations with a great infrastructure offers a variety of different venues. The city has a long tradition in hosting significant international meetings. Thanks to all the changes in recent years, today the offers a unique, meaningful and quality premises for every congress, congress, concert, company event or exhibition. It aspires to be innovative, efficient, pleasant, safe, socially responsible and technologically developed company with high quality services and sustainable operation.




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Our Diversity & Inclusion Pledge

IATA believes that diversity of culture, gender, age, orientation and experience boosts the success of the aviation industry. We actively encourage aviation professionals with diverse profiles to contribute to our events as speakers, panelists, facilitators, or in any other way.

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