IATA’s priorities for 2021 were defined by the IATA Board of Governors during their March session. 

Key performance targets for 2021


Reducing the 5-year all accident rate (2016-2020 compared to 2017-2021).

Financial Resilience

Securing government relief measures for airlines that generate cash or reduce costs and taxes by up to US$75-95 billion. US$50 billion of this should be achieved in the first half of 2021.

Industry Restart

Working with governments to complete roadmaps to reopen borders to travel for the top 33 passenger markets. These represent 82% of passengers globally. 60% of these markets should be open without quarantine measures.

Environmental Sustainability

Achieving 2.2M tons of CO2 offset through the IATA Aviation Carbon Exchange.

Operational targets

  • Member satisfaction: NPS score of 55.
  • IATA financial performance: meet or achieve savings from approved budget.
  • Performance of the IATA Settlement Systems
    •  0.012% unrecovered debt.
    • BSP and CASS operating unit fee target as per 2021 budget.